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About My Historic Map

My Historic Map is your opportunity to freely explore the Ordnance Survey archives with maps dating from as early as 1839. Whether you're looking into your family history, need research materials for work or just interested in how the area where you live has changed over the years, My Historic Map is just the resource for you.

With extensive experience in delivering on-line mapping solutions to our customers we’ve hidden the complexity of navigating over 650,000 maps behind a usable website allowing you to quickly and easily find the best maps from a comprehensive range of mapping. You'll find Historical National Grid, County Series and Historical Town Plans here all in one place. We make this all possible through our agreements primarily with the Ordnance Survey as a Licensed Partner as well as close work with numerous other public and private mapping agencies and data gatherers.

We hope that you find what you are looking for. If for some reason you don't then please do get in touch. We want 'My Historic Map' to become 'Your Historic Map'.

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