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My Historic Map is easy to use

Easy to use

Simple and straightforward.

Search a location, select a date, choose you preferred scale and preview the map before you place your order.

My Historic Map has an extensive library

Extensive library

Features 650,000 historic OS Great Britain maps, including the 1:2500 and 1:10,000 County Series plus 1:500 and 1:1250 Town Maps.

The most comprehensive collection of OS maps waiting to be discovered.

My Historic Map has an authentic record

Authentic record

Each full sheet map includes stunning original map border, margins and title details.

A truly authentic geographical record to add to any historical collection.

My Historic Map has detailed maps available

Detailed maps

Maps scanned at 508dpi – double the resolution of the current market offering.

See the difference at a glance with the high level of quality and accuracy.

My Historic Map has date range from 1839 to 1995

Date range

Maps available for the years 1839 to 1960.

Ordnance Survey maps from the time of Queen Victoria's reign through to Queen Elizabeth II.

My Histoic Map offers high quality maps

High quality

Maps printed to the highest quality within 1 working day on paper sized up to A0 (1189mm x 841mm).

Rolled and posted first class in a secure document tube to guarantee safe delivery.

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